Viral Power – Let’s Email and Demand That Casey Anthony Returns to Florida

August 16, 2011

Idea … Let’s start a viral email campaign and demand that Casey Anthony return to Florida and serve her probation there.  How about a little “OJ Justice?”  She walks from the most heinous crime, but ends up serving time because her karma caught up to her.

Anyone know who and where we should email this?  I will begin today.

First, I’ll start with a group on facebook – we can all do the same.   The Boycott Cayce Anthony group had thousands of hits in a few hours!


Good Vs. Evil – Casey Anthony & Jose Baez …The Evil Ones Vs. Judge Perry – the Force of Good

August 14, 2011

This is a  call for justice.  Casey Anthony and Jose Baez do not deserve to be rewarded for murder and greed and sociopathic behavior. 

I am enraged.  What has happened in our society? Casey Anthony, her attorneys and the jury,  represent everything that is wrong in our value system today.  The only clean and honorable person in this whole saga is Judge Perry.  He is “one of the good ones.”

Who are the players in this travesty?

  • The jury — were they just idiots or was there a “steath juror” or two who convinced a team of people to do the wrong thing? (acquit a monster)
  • Her attorneys – especially Baez — a dead beat dad, couldn’t pass the bar many times over – doesn’t pay his own child support – a certified loser
  • A “dream team” of attorneys that includes a woman married to a serial killer who is currently in jail?
  • Parents who are so off the charts it is unbelievable —
  • Mother who lies about internet searches for chloroform
  • Father who had an affair, confessed to knowing something, but also lies on the stand
  • Casey herself — clearly a sociopath or more — no concept of right or wrong — killed her child then ended up dancing in a hot body contest clutching the breasts of other women

Media reports that Casey is currently living in a multi million dollar mansion owned by one of her attorneys….

It is a gravy train — the attorneys looking for money, book deals, media attention…

Casey oblivious because she is a sociopath

And one little girl is dead — and I say, blissfully so — she is in a better place than with the care givers who killed her …